Eco Offset is the first eco friendly printing model, which has been validated by an independent organization. All the printing industries interested in this model have to implement it in relation to the requirements of the Technical Specification. To give more credibility, it is essential that the Eco Offset audit is made by an independent body, in order to validate the model.

The certifying body TÜV Italy has immediately offered methodological support, setting a plan of inspections designed to evaluate continuous compliance with the Technical Specification.  The team of inspectors TÜV Italy examines the documentation provided by the typography, and through targeted inspections, assesses the ways in which policies and requirements of the Technical Specification are implemented in the daily activities.

The results of the tests are then reviewed and approved by a independent special committee TÜV Italy, which confirms that the printing industry carried out its activities in accordance with the requirements of Technical Specification and it realized the products in compliance with ECO OFFSET.