A print whit the label Eco Offset, which attests the respect of sustainability, has some specific features. In particular:
• is a low environmental impact print;
• the price/quality ratio is unchanged compared to the quality and the price offered, before the implementation of the sustainable printing model;
• the print takes on a sense of values with the Eco Offset label, because the company highlights the choice to communicate with tools that respect the environment.

Companies, who turn to a ECO OFFSET typography, are green oriented, for their mission or because they want to communicate projects and initiatives related to CSR policies, or even more simply, companies that have decided to have more responsible attitudes and behaviors. In addition, a eco friendly print gives more coherent and effective to the public institutions communication, who first should disclose responsible behavior, as well as no-profit organizations operating in the social and which have particular sensitivity to the subjects of Corporate Social Responsibility.